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First, you need to know that the Venn diagram below doesn't accurately depict ikigai - it is just a Western misinterpretation. Ikigai is not a sweet-spot were elements of your work life all come together for you to find purpose and financial success.  In fact Ikigai is not necessarily related to economic status or financial success.

Many Japanese find their ikigai outside of work, in their hobbies, relationships, and by living their values. Ikigai is personal; it reflects the inner self and allows one to express him or herself truly. Also, many Japanese find ikigai in more than one area of life.

While there really is no "Ikiagi Framework", we can use the Venn diagram framework to illustrate what ikigai means to the Japanese.

In the worksheets you'll find more detailed information on the ikigai concept, questions to contemplate and exercises to help you understand and find your own ikigai. 

Westernized Ikigai Chart

ikigai venn diagram

What Ikigai means to the Japanese

The Ikigai Worksheet Template

Ikigai Worksheet Example

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Download the ikigai worksheets below. They will help you understand what ikigai means and how to find it.

Purpose Venn Diagram

Purpose Venn Diagram

Ikigai Venn Diagram.

Ikigai Diagram Template

Ikigai Diagram Template 2.0

Ikigai Questions

Ikigai Exercises

Ikigai Spectrum

Ikigai Concepts Chart