018 – The Art of Nanba Walking With Japanologist William Reed

William Reed

William Reed -  Namba Walking

William Reed is a Japanologist with over four decades of experience in Japan, and has an in-depth knowledge of the Japanese language and culture.

Will is a bilingual professional communicator, dedicated to sharing practical wisdom from Japanese culture through teaching, speaking, and writing.

His career has encompassed many platforms of communication, from books to seminars to documentaries, as well as radio and television in Japan.

Nanba Walking

Walking is the best way to restore balance in your body and clarity in your mind. However, modern walking is often hurried and disconnected. Nanba Walking is centered and graceful, and helps you discover the pleasure of walking the way we were meant to.

The major difference is that in modern walking people use a large stride whereas in Nanba Walking, because you kind of move from your center and you bring the back foot forward rather than taking a big stride, a big step out, it's more compact. I even came up with a proverb: 'long stride no pride, short stride is dignified'.

This is episode 18 of the ikigai podcast and my guest today is someone who I like to think of as my Senpai or the Senpai I wish I had while living in Japan, William Reed. William is a Japan certified coach, a best-selling author, a long time resident of Japan; almost 50 years, and has an eighth-degree black belt in Aikido, an 8th dan in Shodo, which is brush calligraphy, and a seventh dan in small brush calligraphy.

The list of Will's achievements in Japan goes on and on - too many to mention in this introduction, but I should mention that Will holds a Master Teacher rank in Namba Walking, which he defines as the art of physical finesse.


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