027 – Morita Therapy with Dr. Holly Sugg

Podcast Highlights:

  • The Man Behind Therapy. At 3:35, Holly talks about Shoma Morita, the Japanese psychiatrist who developed Morita therapy.

  • What Is Morita Therapy? Holly explains to Nick what Morita Therapy exactly is at 6:03.

  • The Balance. At 10:04, Holly explains Morita therapy’s perspective on emotions and behavior.

  • What Does Arugamama Mean? Nick asks Holly what the Japanese word Arugamama means at 12:18.

  • Toraware And Hakarai. Holly explains what Toraware and Hakarai mean at 17:49, and how these two fit into Morita Therapy.

  • Morita Therapy’s Different Approach. The two talk about how Morita therapy contradicts the traditional western approach at 21:57.

  • The 4 Stages Of Morita’s Methodology. At 26:09, Holly talks about and explains the 4 stages of Morita’s original approach - isolated rest, light monotonous work, intensive outdoor work, and preparation for daily living.

  • Ikigai And Morita Therapy. Nick and Holly talk about the similarities between the ikigai concept and Morita therapy at 40:14.

  • Dr. Holly Sugg. Holly mentions her profile in the University of Exeter where you can learn more about her and their publications.

Dr. Holly Sugg

Dr. Holly Sugg is a Lecturer in Education and Research for the Academy of Nursing at the University of Exeter Medical School.

Holly specializes in mental health services research and, in particular, the development, evaluation and implementation of psychological therapies for depression. Her research interests include using mixed methods research to personalize treatment, and evaluating Morita Therapy, a Japanese psychotherapy in the UK.




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