The Ikigai-9

The Ikigai-9 is a psychometric tool originally published and validated in 2012 by Tadanori Imai, Hisao Osada, and Yoshitsugu Nishimura at the Department of Psychological Counseling, Faculty of Human Sciences, Mejiro University, Tokyo (Japan).

It was then translated and validated in a UK sample in 2019 by Dean Fido and Yasuhiro Kotera of the University Derby with the assistance of Kenichi Asano, from Mejiro University.

It offers a means of measuring ikigai across the dimensions of

  1. optimistic and positive emotions toward life,
  2. active and positive attitudes towards one's future, and
  3. acknowledgment of the meaning of one's existence.

Participants are asked to rate whether each statement applies to them on a five-point scale (1 = Does not apply to me, 5 = Applies to me a lot).

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The Ikigai-9 Survey