The Benefits of Mindfulness Calligraphy

What is mindfulness calligraphy, and its benefits? Rie Takeda explains her own mindfulness-based calligraphy method; how one's energy flow on the paper can help a person discover his/her inner qualities.

Nick: In Domestika, I really liked the way you describe calligraphy. You said: calligraphy as the ringing bell of mindfulness, reminding us of being here and now and touching the wonder of life.

And I thought, wow, what a beautiful way to express calligraphy. And you practice and teach mindfulness calligraphy. So how would you describe mindfulness calligraphy and what are the benefits?

Rie: Well, I've been teaching shodo with this method, my own mindfulness based method since more than 12, 15 years; and the essence of this method focuses on conscious breathing and paying attention to Central detailed movement, and keeping our center point on Hara, belly area, as well as the technique artistic elements.

In this way, it allows us to release body and mind tension and right chi energy flow, and its awareness during the practice. What I found is always fascinating: we can instantly see that body and mind connection on the paper in front of us.

I've seen so many benefits of this mindfulness method. I think by seeing our energy flow on paper, we can reflect our sort of present mind and discover individual inner qualities, and the process is very.. can be very healing and solid.

So it generates positive energy and makes us feel lighter, and more peaceful. So I would really recommend everybody to try once. Because I know, talking like this, it's hard to visualize how it feels like