001 – Ikigai According To Professor Akihiro Hasegawa

Podcast highlights:

  • Why did you choose to study ikigai? At 3:13, Hasegawa explains to Nick how and why he decided to research the ikigai concept.

  • Ikigai's Misinterpreted Version. Nick and Hasegawa discsusses the western version of ikigai and its misinterpreted meaning at 10:10.

  • The True Origin Of The Word Ikigai. Hasegawa talks about the real origin of the word ikigai at 12:19.

  • Akihiro Hasegawa's Research Findings. At 14:50, Hasegawa talks about his research findings and what it reveals.

  • The Object Of Ikigai And Ikigai-Kan. Nick and Hasegawa discuss what Mieko Kamiya discovered about ikigai at 21:26.

  • Constituent Elements Of Ikigai. At 22:24, the two talk about the graphic Hasegawa made called “Constituent Elements of Ikigai”.

  • How Ikigai Help Japanese People. Nick asks Hasegawa at 25:38, how ikigai helps the Japanese people in their lives.

  • Professor Akihiro Hasegawa’s Future Research. At 27:59, Nick asks Hasegawa about his plans for his future research.

  • Hasegawa Sensei’s Pieces Of Advice. Nick asks for Hasegawa’s advice for people who want to find their ikigai at 28:30.

Prof. Akihiro Hasegawa

Akihiro Hasegawa is an Associate Professor at Toyo Eiwa University and one of Japan’s leading researchers on ikigai. He has published several research papers on ikigai and will be continuing his studies next year.

Hasegawa Sensei was very generous with his time. He spent a great deal of time preparing for this podcast interview.  As English is not his first language, understandably he was quite nervous to do the interview. It may be difficult for you to catch or understand some of his English. I have provided a complete transcription of the podcast below.


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