Ken Mogi

ikigai explained

Ken Mogi is a neuroscientist and has a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Tokyo. Ken works at the Sony Research Laboratory, teaches at several universities, and travels abroad to give lectures on concepts such as ikigai and the brain. He has also authored over 100 books, including The Little Book of Ikigai.


006 – Rock Star Neuroscientist, Ken Mogi’s 5 Pillars of Ikigai

013 – Ken Mogi And The Kodawari Spirit

41 – The way of nagomi: Learning to live harmoniously


What is kodawari?
Is kodawari unique to Japan?
miraculous breakthroughs with kodawari
The power of starting small
The way of Nagomi
The Japanese idea of resilience
The desire to constantly learn
The key to a long and happy life
Honne and Tatemae
Shakkei - borrowed scenery
Updating the ikigai Venn diagram
Ikigai introduction
Being in the here and now
The joy of little things
Harmony and sustainability
Releasing yourself
Starting small