Stay Focused on Your Personal Mission

In every business, there will come tough times. So how can one stay focused on their kokorozashi during these trying times?

Tomoya Nakamura shares that you must have people that will encourage and support you. At GLOBIS University, they conduct meetings wherein students can share their progress and find support whenever they struggle with their kokorozashi.

How does one maintain their personal mission?

Nick: Now with ambitious goals, business ventures, inevitably, there are tough times. So how does one maintain their kokorozashi and stay focused when times are tough? 

Tomoya: I tell my students to try to find even the slightest improvements in every trial. Meaning, maybe the result was bad, and we didn't succeed. However, at this point, I could see an absolute improvement.

In that way, I think he or she can carry on or try again. That's one thing. Another is because we have shared the kokorozashi among the GLOBIS community. The classmates are there to support you, especially in the hard times. 

So we have three meetings in a year, where GLOBIS alumni get together and share the progress of their kokorozashi. So in that way, even if you are struggling, their classmates who are with you would kind of encourage you to keep on challenging.

So in that way, we are trying to help every student, of course, life is not that easy, not everyone succeeds but at least we would like to provide some kind of support and system.

Nick: So to summarise, you've got to recognize your growth or your small wins and understand that people will support you.