The Venn Diagram of Purpose

Then Venn Diagram of Purpose is a framework of doing something that you love, that you are good at, that the world needs, and that you can be paid for created by Spanish astrologer Andrés Zuzunaga.

This framework has impacted and inspired millions as the Ikigai Venn Diagram. Every day thousands of people share Andrés Venn diagram thinking it is a Japanese concept, not knowing that he was the one who introduce it to the world.

In Andrés own words, the Propósito framework is something that came to him while he was reflecting on purpose in relation to natal charts. Andrés is very humble and hesitant to take ownership of his creation. To learn about his story or creating and sharing his Propósito framework, please listen to my podcast interview, 007 – How The Andrés Zuzunaga Venn Diagram Become Ikigai.

It is time to start recognising Andrés' positive contribution to the world. If you have shared his framework I urge you to edit it and rename it The Zuzunaga Venn Diagram, and link to his website with the keyword phrase Propósito - The Zuzunaga Venn Diagram of Purpose.

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Hermen Lutje Berenbroek, Design Strategist & Visual Thinker, created this wonderful video depicting how we can use the framework to find purpose in our lives.


Andrés Zuzunaga


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