007 – How The Andrés Zuzunaga Venn Diagram Become Ikigai

Hey, it’s Nick Kemp here from IkigaiTribe.com, with episode seven of the Ikigai Podcast podcast.

In this episode, I had the pleasure of interviewing Andrés Zuzunaga. Andrés Zuzunaga is an astrologer, author, and the original creator of the purpose Venn diagram. As you’ll discover in this podcast, it was his Venn diagram that became merged with the ikigai concept by Marc Winn, which has been shared among millions of people across the world wide web.

*Podcast Transcription Coming Soon


The Andrés Zuzunaga Venn Diagram


Andrés Zuzunaga


Andrés Zuzunaga

Andres Zuzunaga

I am Andrés Zuzunaga, founder and director of Cosmograma. I have spent many years looking for the meaning of life. I started in the material world studying economic sciences, but when I finished I realized that it was not for me.

I worked ten years as a programmer in Barcelona and New York; I progressively realized all my personal and professional dreams to the point that I no longer knew what else to invent. I felt more empty and lost than ever. All this led me to a crisis of consciousness, somatized in anxiety attacks and, subsequently, in a depression that made me see that the material search was over.

At that moment I started with yoga, meditation and all kinds of emotional therapies, physical and mental. I trained and worked as a yoga teacher for four years. I also did training in gestalt therapy for two years. I started the career of psychology, enneagram formations, human design, and so on. I felt better and the physical symptoms disappeared, but I still couldn’t find my place in the world.

Finally, one day I met again with astrology. After a psychological interpretation that I received from my astral letter and during the weeks that followed, the work of so many years of therapy took formation to allow me to reach a deep understanding of myself. That understanding was followed by great peace and acceptance. At that time I decided to leave everything to devote myself to psychological astrology through different schools and the dozens of books.

With time and passion, I began to I get results, and seven years ago I managed to take astrology to the University of Barcelona, ​​through the Master in Personal Development and Leadership – the fruit of everything I’ve learned over the years about astrology, psychology, science and philosophy In 2017 I published the book Somos Cosmos through Cosmograma Ediciones.

Currently, I am still researching and disseminating astrology.



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