What is Mago Wa Yasashii?

Mago wa yasashii is an expression in Japanese that translates to “your grandchildren are kind.” Moreover, it is a Japanese mnemonic device to distinguish what food groups are healthy and what they can use in daily cooking, with each syllable representing a food group. Unfortunately, this concept is unrecognized in other countries. Hence, Nick and Sachiaki Takamiya are here to introduce this concept to the Western audience. 

Nick: It's this phrase, mago wa yasashii. So what does that mean?

Sachiaki: Mago wa yasashii is a Japanese word and simply means "your grandchildren are kind." Mago means grandchildren and yasashii means kind, and mago wa yasashii means your grandchildren are kind.

Nick: I understand, but this is actually a Japanese mnemonic device that helps people remember what food groups are healthy and what they can use in daily cooking. And each syllable of mago wa yasashii represents a food group. 

Sachiaki: Well, yeah, mago wa yasahii is a very popular concept in Japan now. It's not a very old concept. It's quite kind of relatively new in the last 20 years or so. It's almost like a kind of a new buzzword among the health conscious people in Japan.

Almost every healthy eating seminar you attend, mago wa yasashii is mentioned. It's a very popular concept among health conscious people.

But mago wa yasashii itself is not so common among the general public, it is more a popular concept among the health conscious. It's probably not known at all in other countries.

Nick: No, I wouldn't think so. So hopefully, you and I will be the first to spread it to a Western audience.