Ibasho: Having a Sense of Belonging

Do you have any places or people with whom you feel an instant connection? That may be considered as your ibasho.

Karly Christ and Chloe Le Gouche share that ibasho for them is the feeling of belonging, be it with the places or people whom they encountered in life -- anything that makes them feel good.

Ibasho is a place where you can be your true self.

Karly: So ibasho is a concept, of course that I learned through the training with you, Nick. And it was not something a word that I had heard before but was obviously something that I could understand and relate to. 

And ibasho for me is really a place where I can be myself where I'm true to myself, and particularly in interpersonal relationships, so friends and family and activities that I engage in and the people that are part of those experiences with me. It's where I feel I'm the most authentic and that there's a lot of care from the other side. 

So ibasho for me comes from many different places, where I have numerous ibasho in my life. But those are the conditions that I think need to be met in order to really feel that strong sense of ikigai that comes from having a strong ibasho.

Nick: Wow, you've said it better than I could have. You should take over my coaching program. Chloe, what about this word, there's a note we have here. Maybe we could describe it as a social niche or group where you can be yourself.  So Chloe, is there a word similar to ibasho in French?

Chloe: We don't really have a specific word for it. I think the first word that would come to me is forye, which means home. So that would be really the word that I would think of. And really just what Karly just said is really what I feel about ibasho

It's really like people, but not only people, it can also be places, like your hometown, where you're going to have like, the people, the moments, the memories, the places, all of that can be ibasho. Like for me, one of my strongest ibasho is the Southwest of France, where I have so many people from my family. So it's not just one place and one person. 

It's like all this area where I just feel it's home, I just feel good. They're like the people I love. It's like the place I love to just look at and just enjoy. So yeah, it can be one person, it can be a group of persons, and it can be places where you have all of these feelings.