Trudy Boyle Ikigai Tribe

039 – Living meaningfully with illness

Being diagnosed with a critical illness is something that all of us would dread; naturally, we fear the pain, uncertainty, and especially death. However, these are things that we cannot control. It is better to acknowledge these unpleasant feelings and learn to live with them. How do we do that?

Miku of Miku Real Japanese

037 – Exploring the Japanese concept of Omoiyari

Japan is a group-oriented society and harmony is an important aspect for them; understanding the situation without words is something that is instilled in them at a very young age. They even have this term omoiyari, where people understand the feelings of others while not including the concept of self. But is it something only experienced in Japan?

Saori Okada Ikigai Tribe

035 – What does it mean to be Japanese?

With the increasing attention on Japanese culture – all these Japanese psychology and concepts being applied in Western countries, what do the Japanese think about it? What does it really mean to be Japanese, despite how the West interprets their culture? In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, Nick talks to Saori Okada on what it really means to be Japanese.

Motoki Tonn Ikigai Tribe

034 – The search for life meaning with Motoki Tonn

There are plenty of courses and programs that offer solutions for people’s search for life meaning; there are also self-help books that act as guides for people in their pursuit of life purpose. For those who study life purpose in-depth, two significant authors can provide a deeper understanding of what it really means. Who are they, and what can we learn from them? In this episode of The Ikigai Podcast, Nick and Motoki Tonn discuss the search for the meaning of life through the works of Kamiya Mieko and Viktor Frankl.