Kamiya Mieko

Mieko Kamiya – The Mother of Ikigai Psychology

Mieko Kamiya could be called the Mother of Ikigai Psychology. She was one of the first researchers to extensively study ikigai. Her seminal book, Ikigai-ni-Tsuite (What Makes Our Life Worth Living) is still considered standard by current-day Japanese researchers, professors, and psychologists, despite it being published in 1966. Unfortunately, her book is yet to be translated into English. Even more unfortunate is that Kamiya died at the ripe young age of 65 in 1979.

Dr. Shintaro Kono - Ikigai Tribe

004 – Finding Ikigai in Leisure with Shintaro Kono

Can leisure activities be a source of ikigai?Leisure activities are the things that we do for fun or enjoyment, and it turns out that these activities can also be good contributors to acquiring ikigai. How can this be possible?In this episode of the Ikigai Podcast, Nick discusses with Shintaro Kono how people can find ikigai …

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