Future Plans as an Author

After finishing his book, Nick Kemp plans on writing another one. There are more things that he wants to share with people about the beauty of Japanese culture and Japanese concepts that people can learn from.

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A new book in process

Caitlin: Now, I don't want to push you. Because you did say that you need to market the book a little bit. But you know, now you're finish writing it, have you turned your eyes to any future projects already? Or are you just kind of in sales mode?

Nick: Well, remember how I told you so many times that once this book's done, I'm never writing another book again. Well, guess what? I've actually already written the chapter outline of the new book. So if you're up for it, we can work together on a new book, maybe next year.

In all seriousness, it's obviously to get this book out there, market it and see where it goes. But I am inspired and think, wow, you don't have to be an academic to write a book. And if you stuffed up at school, and really struggled with writing, that doesn't equate to who you are now.

And I think if you know your limitations, but you're true to yourself, and you get help, you can write something that's worth reading. So yeah, I think I'll be writing another book at some stage.

Caitlin: I'm genuinely glad to hear that because I do think that this one is full of lovely things. And people will get a lot out of it. And you know, as a teacher which I am, I didn't exactly mentioned that earlier in my introduction. 

But as a teacher, that's exactly the sort of thing we want. I want my students to walk out of class with understanding that it doesn't matter exactly what your skill set is, everyone has something valuable to share with the world.

And everyone can do that. And I do think that this book is a great example of that. And I'm really pleased that you did cross the finish line, because I do think it's great.

Nick: Well, thank you.